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·        Registered name: Information and Networking Technology Joint Stock Company (INFONET .,JSC)

·        Founded year: 2003

·        Registration number: 0101122893 issued by Hanoi Authority for Planning and Investment

·        Charter capital: VND

·        Head Office in Hanoi

o   Address:  Infonet Building, 33 Vu Ngoc Phan, Lang Ha Str, Dong Da Dist, Hanoi

o   Telephone: (84) (024) 3773.0793. Fax: (84) (024) 3773.0809

·        Branch Office in Ho Chi Minh City - INFONET Sai Gon.,Jsc

o   Address: Floor 7, 111-121 Ngo Gia Tu building,Ward 02, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City.

o   Telephone: (84) (028) 35352538 – Fax : (84) (028) 35352539.

·        Listed on the stock market in 2010

o   Symbol: CMT

o   Stock exchange: Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange


Organization chart


Information and Networking Technology Joint Stock Company (INFONET) was founded on 15 of Jul 2003. With Information Technology (IT) and Telecommunication as the main businesses, INFONET always targets to the optimal benefits and values for the customers. In order to achieve the target, INFONET provides the total services, including:  

o   Consultancy and solution design

o   Provide and implement hardware, software and total solution

o   Provide support services including administration, operation and maintenance of each equipment and total system

o   On demand and packaged software development


In order to optimize the values provided to the customers, INFONET perceives the highest priority of optimizing its own organization, operation on business and administration. Therefore, INFONET keeps attempting to invest, expand and enhance the skills of technical, management and finance. Starting from 03 billion VND of capital, after 07 year running the business, INFONET had the charter capital of 80 billion VND on the end of 2009. 2010 was the important milestone of the company development when INFONET was officially listed on Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE) with the CMT symbol.

Understanding that the trust of the customer is the core competency, INFONET always position the customers in the center of all business activities, INFONET focuses on the success of each and every project and the close and long term cooperation with each available customer. INFONET emphasizes on the depth of company and customer development meanwhile continues the width development in timely and suitable manner. Hence, after many years, INFONET already achieved the capability references, which is at least not lower than the top companies in the same market, including the numbers of customers and vendor partners; the volume, diversity and technical solution difficulty of the contracts.  

Always perceiving to enhance the provided values, INFONET also continues improving the quality of employee’s living as well as actively participates in the social activities for the community benefits. Harmonizing the achieved values, the deep and wide developments, short term and long term benefits, is the firm basis for the development of INFONET in the past, present and future.  



Infomation And Networking Technology Joint Stock Company (INFONET.,JSC)

HO: Infonet Building, 33 Vu Ngoc Phan, Lang Ha Str, Dong Da Dist, Hanoi. Tel: (84-24) 3773 0793 Fax: (84-24) 3773 0809   

INFONET Sai Gon: Floor 7, 111-121 Ngo Gia Tu building,Ward 02, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City. Tel: (84-28) 35352538   Fax : (84-28)  35352539

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