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Data storage is an indispensable requirement of an information technology (IT) system. The fundamental requirement of a storage system:

·         Storage volume

·         Data access rate

·         Data sharing capability

·         Security and availability of data

Different storage solutions can be proposed to satisfy the above requirements at different levels. The solutions range from the simplest method as local storage on the server to the storage system accessed through IP network (NAS) or dedicated storage network solution as SAN. Based on the requested specifications, properties and requirements of the stored data we can choose the suitable solution with optimal expenses.

In order to guarantee the security and availability the data have to be backed up and restored in case the productive data has errors or losses. That’s the reason why we need a backup/restore solution. The backup/restore solution can be proposed based on the requirements of backup data such as the data volume, backup frequency, access speed to backup data, latency of backup data, data store time,…  

In many cases data is stored in some different storage systems or different sites at the same time, such as in productive and backup/HA systems or in Data Center and Disaster Recover Center so we need a replication solution. There’re many replication solutions which meet different requirements of volume, transfer rate, latency of copied data, properties of data,…


Some popular solutions of storage system:

·    Vendors and Clients


In Vietnam, INFONET is the partner of many top storage vendors of the world in recent years, such as: IBM, HP, EMC, HDS, NetApp, Oracle,...

As an SI, INFONET has the honor to provide and implement big and important storage systems of many customers, including:

o   Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam – BIDV

o   Vietnam Development Bank - VDB

o   Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank - MBBank

o   Vietnam ElectricityGroup – EVN

o   …


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