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We define the system services as basic applications that support the IT operation and administration as well as the user’s essential activities in an organization and enterprise (and maybe the clients of the enterprises). 

There’re so many applications used in an enterprise, however the very basic ones are for information exchange, from text to multi media. The essential and classical application for business operation and management is an electronic mail (Email). Nowadays, email is just a fundamental part of a collaboration system. The other functions could be mentioned as data sharing, voice and video calls, business calendar, collaboration group features, …


Video conference system (VCS) is nearly imperative in the collaboration system. Recently, VCS is used in almost organization and enterprises which have many branches in one country or inter nations. Regular meetings used VCS is a regulation of the government of Vietnam.  


The IT system is operated smoothly with high availability and efficiency if its administration and monitor are procedural.  Many organizations and vendors standardized the administration processes, provided the enhanced applications and utilities to support the system administration and operation. 


IT application could be seen as a service provided to users, including users in the enterprise and the client of the enterprise itself. The satisfaction of users is one important method to measure the investment efficiency on a system or solution. Therefore many enterprises are also interested in applications to support users. Receiving the information from users/clients, resolving the issues, providing necessary information,… in correct, efficient and timely manner are the targets of all service provider including IT services. 


The basic IT services in an enterprise are as follow:

·        Vendors and Clients

Basic system services are imperative in an IT system of all enterprises. With many year experiences in the system integration, INFONET provides IT system services for many customers with the solutions from top vendors such as: Microsoft, Radvision/Avaya, Polycom, HP, IBM, Cisco, …


INFONET was elected to be the SI partner of many customers, some references are:

o   User/identity administration, multi-media collaboration, central configuration/administration,... used Microsoft solutions (MS AD, MS Exchange, MS system center,...)

§  Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development – VBARD

§  Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam – BIDV

§  Vietnam Development Bank - VDB

§  Northern Power Corporation  – NPC


o   With video conference system (VCS), INFONET is the partner of some top telco companies of Vietnam:

§  Vietnam Telecom National/Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group - VNPT/VTN

§  Vietnam Military Telecommunication Group - Viettel

§  Central Post and Telecommunication - CPT

§  The Supreme People’s Procuracy of Vietnam

§  The National Assembly of Vietnam

§  Northern Power Corporation  – NPC

§  Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam – BIDV


o   Contact Center :

§  Vietnam Joint Stock Bank for Industry and Trade - Vietinbank


o   Monitor, operation and user support system (IT Operation Manager & Service Manager - ITIL)

§  Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam – BIDV



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