Virtualization & Cloud


·   Virtualization


Virtualization technology actually started in 1960 by logically allocating the resources of mainframe to different applications. After over a half century of development, the meaning of this term is extended and generalized in IT and applied to many kinds of resources including hardware, operating system, storage and network.    

In general, virtualization reduces the limitation of the whole datacenter and the equipment itself, it enhances the performance and efficiency of products and eases the complexity of integration, the infrastructure is converged and standardized, the cost of investment and operation is reduced.


Figure 1: Server Virtualization

Server virtualization and desktop virtualization orVDI – Virtualization Desktop Infrastructure – are the most popular solutions.

Figure 2: Desktop Vỉtualization



·    Cloud computing

Cloud computing (Cloud) is the services which provide on demand computing resources, from applications to DC, through the network as internet based on the used service scope.

Cloud computing enhances the effectiveness of IT services by self-service method, improves the self- management based on standardizing the resources (Hardware, Software), delivery solutions as well as automation capabilities.


From the user’s point of view, the service provided by cloud is elastic and flexible, could be used everywhere and anytime by any terminals and paid by the time of service using.


From the service provider’s point of view, it’s the environment of highly virtualized resources and geography independence, the administration services of resource allocation and revoke, change management are automated to satisfy the security requirements and to ease the environment control.


Figure 3: the differences between cloud and classical services


The services are normally provided by cloud are as below:


Cloud computing solutions:


Figure 4: Benefits of cloud computing

·    Vendors and Clients

Although cloud computing is not really popular in Vietnam in recent years, INFONET has been closely cooperating with many vendors such as VMWare, HP, IBM, Microsoft to continuously introduce, advise, implement virtual platforms and solutions (server virtualization, desktop virtualization) to many corporations.


INFONET has the honor to cooperate with many treasured customers including:

o   Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam JSC – Vietcombank

o   Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam JSC – BIDV

o   Vietnam Development Bank - VDB

o   Northern Power Corporation – NPC


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